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**Taiwanese Night markets **


Do you like to snaky different kind of food? Taiwanese night markets have it all(Taiwanese snack).

Night markets in Taiwan are mostly street market, and they usually open  in urban open area (expect some of them in the city). Even though there are over one hundred night markets in Taiwan, only few of them are famous. For example, Raohe night market and shilin night market in Northern Taiwan, Fengjia Night Market in Central Taiwan, HuaYuan Night Market in Southern Taiwan, Luodong Night Market in Eastern Taiwan. In addition, the biggest night market in Taipei Taiwan, just open on June 10th 2017, is called The Sing Ren Garden Night Market. The opening hours of the Sing Ren Garden Night Market are 5 pm to 12 am from every Wednesdays to Sundays. Other than that, most night markets open everyday from 5PM to 12AM.

There are not only all kind of Taiwanese snacks in night markets, but also clothing, accessories…etc. So what you should try in Taiwanese market? Let me give you some idea to know what you would like.

2323018715_29652ae6e91First, xiao long bao soup dumplings. we usually eat xiao long bao with the soya and ginger and after you bite it, the soup is all over in your mouth. They’re very delicious and each of them is plumping with hot soup. At night markets , the xiao long bao at Raohe night market is the best. However, if you want to try the most famous xiao long bao and many types of it , you should go to Din Tai Feng restaurant.


(pinterest, 2016)


Next, if you visit Taiwan in the summer time, you should have an ice bowl with jelly dessert that you choose. You usually can choose 3-5 toppings on your ice bowl, the price depends on how many topping you choose(usually around CAD$5). It could bring you to the heaven when you try it in the summer time. Yum yum!



Popcorn Fried Chicken, the most popular food choice in the night markets.

(kirbie, 2013)



Gua Bao, is folding over steamed buns filled with diced vegetables and slices of pork, also it comes with  sprinkle peanut powder and some cilantro. This is one of Taiwanese traditional food, so If you can have pork, you must try it.gua-bao-taipei-17-X3

16180912956_9e0eeeb7b0Stinky Tofu, you probably will ask me that why do I even tell you about STINKY FOOD. YES, Stinky tofu is a must try in the night market snacks list. The tofu is served either crispy dry in squares with Taiwanese kimchi on top. It smells much worse than it tastes, but it tastes really delicious.


Last but not least, Bubble Tea(pearl milk tea) is the third famous food in Taiwan. When you are in Taiwan, you must try it. It won’t be the same as you try in other countries.

bubble tea.jpg

Raohe Street Night Market 
Raohe Street, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105
Hours: 5PM-12AM
Shilin Night Market 
No. 101, Jihe Road, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111
Hours: 3PM-1AM

Where is Taiwan? Why Taiwan?

Where Taiwan Is?

  • Taiwan, is a one small island with few tiny islands. It is right beside the southeastern of China. The name of Formosa came from Portuguese explorers in the 16th century.

chnt-MMAP-md(operation, 2017)


Why Taiwan?

Most people love to travel to south of Asia and korea, Japan and China. People never learn about the small island, Taiwan. Although, Taiwan is small actually is big inside. There are few reasons you should travel to Taiwan. See the list below:

1.People are friendly and helpful in Taiwan.

That is true. When I was younger, teacher taught us how we need to help people from all over the world. If we don’t understand the language the person speak, you can still bring the person to local tourist service centre to get someone to help.

2.Night markets Snacks are amazing

Raohe st night market (Mindy, 2015)

One of amazing experiences you should have is that try as much as night market snacks as you can. Why? because they are very delicious. I will make another blog to talk about Taiwan’s night market food.

By the way, Taiwan’s night markets usually start from 5PM until 2Am, so if you go there early you would not be able to get what you want.

3.Transportation is convenient.

In local transportation, there is Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) in Taipei and Kaohsiung. (MRT is kind of Subway system in Toronto). There are also plane, buses, trains and High Speed Rail to city to cities, so it’s really convenient to travel in Taiwan.

4.Climbing up

Yes, if you love to climb in mountains, there is another reason why you should visit Taiwan. There are many mountains in Taiwan such as Xueshan, Nanhu Mountain, Yushan…etc. When you climb one of those mountains, you can get a lot of rewards from nature. For example, fresh air you would never get from the cities or an amazing view from the waterfall that cuts through the lush.

5.Relaxing on beaches or lake

Sun Moon Lake (EIT, 2014)

Oh YEA, There are BEACHES in Taiwan. One of the most famous is in Kenting white sand beach where is in the Southern of Taiwan. Another place I want to talk about is Sun Moon Lake, where is in my hometown, Nantou. Sun Moon Lake, One of the most popular spots for relaxing .It’s known as a beautifully romantic spot, so many couples go there to take wedding photos or honeymoon.


6.Provide free wifi in subway

There is one thing better than Toronto is that we can use wifi while we are taking subway. Even though you are in underground, you can still talk on the phone or using WIFI. NO PROBLEM AT ALL.

Taiwan, is a really special country to visit. It’s small, but we have it all. Taiwan is not only modest island but is a perfect place for a new visitor like you.