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-Do you need a visa to travel to Taiwan?-

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There are many people arrive in Taiwan every day. Did they apply a visa to visit Taiwan or did not? The answer is depending on which country you are coming from, some of them do need a visa to entry into Taiwan. Visitors to Taiwan must obtain a visa or authorization in advance, unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries or countries whose nationals are eligible for visa on arrival.

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Visa-Exempted Entry, some Passport holders can stay in Taiwan up to 90 days without a Taiwan Visa. For example, Canada, France, U.K., Germany, Australia and more. If you need more info you can see the website below which I provided.(http://www.taiwan-travel-experience.com/taiwan-visa.html#ixzz4k7r0syyR) However, no matter which country you are coming from, if you plan stay more than 90 days, you must apply a visa to go to Taiwan.



Now, if you are planning stay in Taiwan for 30 days, the meaning is that you don’t really need a visa if you come from the country where Visa-Exempted Entry in Taiwan. You just need to have your passport that valid at least 6 months, and your return ticket. But if you plan stay more than 90 days, then yes, you must apply a visa to travel to Taiwan.

If you are not coming from the country has Visa-Exempted Entry in Taiwan, for sure you need to apply visa before you go to Taiwan. How do you apply your visitor visa? Here is what you would need for apply a visa to Taiwan.

  • valid passport (with at least 6 months valid)
  • Two identical standard passport photos in color. ( taken within the last six months)
  • Online Application, fill-out and print out, sign by the applicant
  • Supporting documents, such as business letter from Canadian firm, correspondence with company in Taiwan, travel itinerary or airline ticket, financial statement (bank balance), student card, etc.



The Visitor Visa can be single or multiple entry – multiple entry that means you can stay more periods in Taiwan, each time still up to only 60 days.



Apply a visa to Taiwan quite simple, but before you apply, please check online that if you really do need a visa.