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Trip down to the south of Taiwan , Kenting

kenting-map (sheila, 2014)

If you are thinking about relaxing on the beach , and like to view of the white sandy beach, then you have to put this wonderful place in your Taiwan travel list. Kenting is Located in Pingtung county, a beautiful city in southern Taiwan. Kenting is a popular, enchanting holiday destination popular among travellers.


Kenting has good weather year-round, except typhoon season in the summer. Otherwise, Kenting is usually full of the tourists. Why? Because the weather in kenting is warm tropical weather, even in the winter time is not cold at all.

Where must go in Kenting?

There are few places you must see in Kenting, such as Baisha Beach (Baishawan) 白沙灣, Sail Rock 船帆石, Kenting Beach 墾丁海水浴場, Eluanbi Lighthouse 鵝鑾鼻燈塔…etc.

xnanwan-kenting-beach_jpg_pagespeed_ic_m5v7Ku9nS8Baisha Beach, this bech is one of My favorite beach. The sand in Baisha beach is White, very lovely. It’s located about 5 km away from Kenting. The beach is quite big and long, also very clean.

 (mycc, 2014)




Sail Rock, It’s a famous landmark in Kenting National Park, the Sail Rock is the result of a large piece of rock that has broken off from the coastal cliff nearby. As you can see the picture, there is a such as a head, it made by nature.



 (CT, 2015)




Eluanbi Lighthouse, Eluanbi Park is located at the southern tip of Taiwan and part of Kenting National park. It’s another landmark of Kenting.





There are also bar, clubs, night market in Kenting, so you won’t be bored at night time.


Another thing I want to mention is that, if you want to travel around in Kenting, you’d better rent a motorcycle because you don’t want to  stuck in traffic.

There are more things that you can do in Kenting, I’d like to show you in the video below.

How amazing Kenting is.